Is veterinary dentistry your passion?

Then you will greatly appreciate the New Integral Veterinary Dentistry Treatment Unit!
We offer flexible possibilities which will enable you to take advantage of opportunities you have never had before! Consultation, diagnostics, treatment and control are now much easier.
And: It is the first treatment unit of its kind with which you can demonstrate to a pet owner where and why his or her beloved pet is in pain.
Choose between different device variants: Floating table with whip or hanging instrument hoses and / or other numerous options; select the unit that best suits your type of work.

Integral Veterinary Dental Unit Orianne

State of the Art Veterinary Dentistry

Integral Veterinary Dental Unit Orianne Advanced

State of tha Art Veterinary Dentistry

Oriyena Handpiece

The Advances material combining with smart mechanism make reliability and durability better even.

Oriyena Contra Angle

The miniaturized, excelle ergonomic design improve acces to the molar Region of cats and dogs.

Private: OSACare Light and Loupe

Precision in its fullest perfection!



OSACare Intraoral Light

As the “block” naturally support both top and bottom teeth, it helps to keep the patient’s mouth open wide.

OSAcare System H+W

The OSAcare System H+W automatic handpiece maintenance system is the best solution.

Oriyena High Speed Turbines

Speed and torque are kings where dental handpieces are concerned

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