Developed from passion:
A total new treatment unit in the area of the veterinarian dentistry
For many years, the same experience has repeatedly accompanied me. People say to me after only knowing me for a short time: “I like and admire you because you are purposefully pursuing your objectives. It took me some years before I could recognize myself in this description. Even though it is true from the very early beginning, when I opted for aveterinary medicine study due to my deep love for animals. Later, it was this love, which made me develop products for my ownpractice and the practices of my colleagues.
Prior to that, there was still a long way to go. I studied twice: first in Cuba with doctorate and secondly at the Free University of Berlin, then I successfully completed several professional experiences and training courses in Germany, in other European countries (like Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Austria and Netherlands), China and USA.
Finally I built up the „Zentrum für Tierzahnheilkunde Hamburg“ (Practice of veterinary dentistry Hamburg) with more than 1.000 periodontal treatments per year. During all thattime I encountered situations during the diagnostic and treatment, which bothered me. The inventor in me inspired me to have a deeper look at this situation.

Integral Veterinarian Dental Unit
I was triggered by the same question every day: Why do devices prevent the introduction of much easier processes? I analysed all the difficulties and obstacles. First, Itried to optimize the existing and purchased devices. Later, I decided to develop a new treatment unit by myself. I started construct work in cooperation with two Asiatic companies in the field of medical technology.
With my own company “Oriyena dental” I am presenting you today the “integral veterinarian dental unit” with involves a total new concept for a comfortable and effective diagnostic as well as treatment of cats and dogs. This unit integrates NSK compatible turbine, angle and handpieces.But above all: With the “OSAVISION System” you can now show the pets owners where the pain of their little friends are situated and which treatment will be best.
We are successfully working with this system in the „Zentrum für Tierzahnheilkunde Hamburg“ (Practice of veterinary dentistry Hamburg) since several years. Today the system is technological matured, and I would like to share this innovation with you, dear colleagues, for your best interest and the well-being of the pets.

The background story
As mentioned before:more than 1.000 times a year our little patients require our dental health care. During complex treatments, I observed in particular the following problems:
• It is a continuous fight to handle the X-ray devices in between the cables of the monitor for anaesthesia by colocating the patient in the right position at the same time. In case of a bigger dog you even need the help of an assistance to colocate the dog on the table.
• Often it is difficult to make the patient´s owner understand the disease of the animal and the required treatment.
Plenty of time is lost each time. Now, we have a new solution!

The „Integral Veterinarian Dental Unit“ offers you the following benefits:
• comfortable diagnostic,
• a simple visualization during the consultation and last but not least
• the complete veterinarian dental treatment in a comprehensive and efficient way for both cats and dogs.

The „Integral Veterinarian Dental Unit“ at a glance
• The dental unit is compatible with the NSK-system.
• The adjustable and perfectly illuminated treatment table offers a comfortable work & operation even with the X-ray device.
• The units perfectly fitfor pets of all sizes, even for dogs until the Kangal-size.
• With the integrated „OSAVISION System“ you can explain and visualize the diagnostic and treatment proposals with the help ofmonitor.

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